Why have a Baby Shower, when you can have a “Mommy Shower!”

So many baby showers focus on the upcoming baby and the excitement that everyone has for the little one. But, why not take this last opportunity to celebrate the mommy-to-be before it’s no longer about her. Sure the gifts are still for the baby and the topics can still be baby related. But, I absolutely love the idea of spending a few hours focusing on the mom and preparing her for what to expect.

For this event, we decided to do a low key tea party for “Ladies Only”. The whole experience was meant for mommies to share their advice and experiences to help the new mommy prepare.


“Mommy Shower” Tea Party (coming soon)

Check out a little preview of what we have in store for our upcoming tea party this month.



Our doily inspired tea party is on its way at the end of this month and we just can’t wait to share the end result with you! Almost everything you see has been handmade by DI. Of course our tea pot centerpiece will definitely be adorned with fresh flowers the day of the event. And as you may be wondering, our doily coasters didn’t work out so well, so this time around, we decided to make banners instead. We’ll also add some more how-to’s on some of our other creations.


Stay tuned!

Birthday Balloon Bash

Recently I helped plan my niece’s third birthday party with my sister. The outcome was one of the best kids birthday party I’ve ever been to. I would like to say that I did my job as the planner helping to add structure to the event. But, also it is important to note that the service that we at Design Inspirations provide is actually execution.

Our planning comes easy when all we need to do is bring your ideas to life. Yes, we make suggestions and can help steer you in the right direction during those confusing times. But, it’s very important to know that we don’t pressure our clients to go with our ideas if they don’t feel comfortable.

The Inspiration

My sister came to me with the idea of a balloon themed birthday party, which seems pretty basic for a three year old considering all of the options there are out there. But, you just can’t argue with a simple plan when that’s what the birthday girl loves. And believe me she was all over those balloons the day of.

The Invitation

So, after some research and brainstorming, we decided on these fun and simple invitations. It’s very important to know that we work with our clients on the wording and font so possibilities are endless.


We came up with a fun and creative activity to keep the kids busy and interested throughout the three hour span. It was my sister’s idea to provide an assortment of games/activities that the kids could run around and do; from hula hoop, to bowling, to a little play castle, and pin the tail on the donkey. I also came up with the idea of providing reusable place mats that they could color and then take home, clean, and reuse. Those went over very well with the parents and the kids really enjoyed the selection of activities they had to choose from. We even threw in some dancing here and there with a mixture of age appropriate music along with a few popular songs for the adults.





The Cake

While we did try to go the professional route for the cake, there’s nothing like attempting to put your own stamp on something here and there. Now I must admit this isn’t a service we offer to our clients, but we are more than able to recommend a vendor as well as help in the design process. But, how could I turn down helping my one and only big sister given that I do own a cake company. 😉

The idea was her’s, the cake was store bought, and the cake pops were done by yours truly made to mimic balloons of course. Those cake pops were such a huge hit, but please don’t go contacting Cake Seduction for them as they were a one time thing just for this special occasion.

The Favors

Another perfect example of how we execute our client’s ideas; The premise was to offer a surprise candy table that would be unveiled at the end of the party. We had the kids do an arts and crafts “competition” where the kids were instructed to decorate their favor bags and the best bag would win. In the end, they all won! How else could that end at a three year old birthday party?

The candy table not only consisted of an assortment of candy but other fun prizes that the kids and big kids enjoyed. A few parents managed to take home their own favor bags as well.

[This table was destroyed in the end which is just the way we like it.]

If you’re looking to plan your next event, contact us for some fun and exciting ideas. We love turning your inspirations into affordable designs!


Found these paper lanterns at Dollar Tree, and decided to paint them. But, we can’t decide which color we like better. What do you think?

Paper Lanterns

Doily Madness

Now in case you don’t know, Design Inspirations is run by myself, Takisha Miller. Although, you may see the word “we” used often, I am usually behind each post and inspiration you see in this blog. It’s important to know that the use of “we” refers to the business and that anything you see on this blog can be duplicated or altered to fit your event or project. We work very closely with each of our client’s to produce a customized design to fit their needs and their budget. We work directly with you to bring your ideas to life.

Recently I’ve posted a few mini projects that we’re working on for an upcoming tea party, and I just can’t stop myself from finding fun and new ideas that include doilies. I recently posted a current project in process where I intend to turn a few paper doilies into doily coasters. Now, thanks to that lovely project, I just can’t stop myself! Here are some more designs I’ve come up with. Keep coming back to see the end product cause their making their way towards being really fun coasters.

New Patterns

Added Detail





All Coaster Patterns


Teapot Finds

Found these beautiful white teapots at Bed, Bath, and Beyond in their As Is Clearance section. (no lids) $3.98 each with a $5 off coupon. Oh how we LOVE a good bargain!!! Anyway, we can’t decide how to decorate these yet, but they will be used as flower pots for our centerpieces.

Doily Runner

We’re thinking of creating a table runner out of these cute doilies we found at Michael’s.