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Onesie Appliques for a Twin Baby Shower

We decided to do this great activity for a recent twin baby shower this past weekend. It turned out to be a huge hit! The idea was to revamp white hand me down onesies, but we also bought some new ones just in case we ran out.


We supplied our guests with various fabric options backed with Pellon Wonder-Under, thanks to my favorite store ever; Rock Paper Scissors. We also printed out an array of applique patterns. You can check out our Pinterest board for ideas.

Fabric Options

Check out all of the fun designs that our guests created.


Nursery Color Palette

I’m working on a nursery and I thought I should share the color palette with you.




Of course I’m still a bit torn on which one I like the best. I’m thinking of going with the middle one. Because this is an apartment and painting is not allowed, I’m thinking of using the bottom right fabric (Dear Stella, stripe in green gray or brown) as a dramatic wall treatment. A lot of these fabrics will be crib sheets (the 3 center ones). The gray bottom left fabric is called “rendezvous” and is going to be the crib skirt. I’m making the sheets and skirt myself so I will be posting those projects at some point. I already made a cute pillow out of the smaller diamond like pattern fabric (Ty Pennington Lace in Gray). I’m absolutely thrilled to be putting my sewing skills to good use. Hopefully I will get better as the time goes on.

“Mommy Shower” Tea Party (coming soon)

Check out a little preview of what we have in store for our upcoming tea party this month.



Our doily inspired tea party is on its way at the end of this month and we just can’t wait to share the end result with you! Almost everything you see has been handmade by DI. Of course our tea pot centerpiece will definitely be adorned with fresh flowers the day of the event. And as you may be wondering, our doily coasters didn’t work out so well, so this time around, we decided to make banners instead. We’ll also add some more how-to’s on some of our other creations.


Stay tuned!

Doily Madness

Now in case you don’t know, Design Inspirations is run by myself, Takisha Miller. Although, you may see the word “we” used often, I am usually behind each post and inspiration you see in this blog. It’s important to know that the use of “we” refers to the business and that anything you see on this blog can be duplicated or altered to fit your event or project. We work very closely with each of our client’s to produce a customized design to fit their needs and their budget. We work directly with you to bring your ideas to life.

Recently I’ve posted a few mini projects that we’re working on for an upcoming tea party, and I just can’t stop myself from finding fun and new ideas that include doilies. I recently posted a current project in process where I intend to turn a few paper doilies into doily coasters. Now, thanks to that lovely project, I just can’t stop myself! Here are some more designs I’ve come up with. Keep coming back to see the end product cause their making their way towards being really fun coasters.

New Patterns

Added Detail





All Coaster Patterns


Teapot Finds

Found these beautiful white teapots at Bed, Bath, and Beyond in their As Is Clearance section. (no lids) $3.98 each with a $5 off coupon. Oh how we LOVE a good bargain!!! Anyway, we can’t decide how to decorate these yet, but they will be used as flower pots for our centerpieces.

Doily Runner

We’re thinking of creating a table runner out of these cute doilies we found at Michael’s.

Doily Coasters

We’re toying with this fun idea that we came across on the internet. doily mobile

We started off with these 4″ white paper doilies.

We then painted them using Glimmer Glaze (Sea Kelp) and Glimmer Mist (Icicle Blue). Afterwards, we cut some circles out of paper and decided to glue them in the center of the painted doilies.

As you can see, we added our own touch to some of the doilies. The one with the solid paper actually has a mini stamp detail in the center.

Anyway, once we completed this process, we became stumped. They just look so pretty as is, so it’s hard to turn them into those mobiles. We’re thinking of making them into coasters instead. What do you think?