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First Birthday – Superman Themed Picnic Celebration

(Found this in my drafts. I’m not sure why I never posted it)

It’s a major accomplishment for a first time parent to get through their first year! And sometimes no matter what your attitude is about birthday parties for one year olds, when you become a parent you still feel the need to acknowledge this specific milestone in some way.

For this event, we decided to go small, but still incorporate some of those keys features that make any party fun and memorable. Since all parties are so much more interesting with a theme, we went the Superman route! It actually worked out pretty well considering Man of Steel debuts soon.

Superman Symbol Invitation front/back

Superman Symbol Invitation

As with all of our events, the challenge is to be as cost effective as possible and remain equally creative in the execution. I decided to supply a to do list of things one should consider when planning an event.

Birthday Notes

Party Type: 1yr old birthday
Date: June 8th
Time: 12pm
Location: Brookdale Park in Bloomfield, NJ
Theme: Superman Picnic
Invitation: Superman Symbol using all red, blue, and yellow
Decorations: Balloons; red, blue, and yellow, bubbles
Food: Chicken blt salad sandwich, veggie pasta salad, fruit, veggie chips, bundle, lemonade, water, pear pops
Ideas: Food served in brown paper bags
Guests: Adults and kids of all ages. Estimating 30 people
Budget: under $500
Activity: Bubbles, we’re in a park so there is a play area, bought sidewalk chalk, and beach kit
Favors: superman bandages or stickers


























Doily Madness

Now in case you don’t know, Design Inspirations is run by myself, Takisha Miller. Although, you may see the word “we” used often, I am usually behind each post and inspiration you see in this blog. It’s important to know that the use of “we” refers to the business and that anything you see on this blog can be duplicated or altered to fit your event or project. We work very closely with each of our client’s to produce a customized design to fit their needs and their budget. We work directly with you to bring your ideas to life.

Recently I’ve posted a few mini projects that we’re working on for an upcoming tea party, and I just can’t stop myself from finding fun and new ideas that include doilies. I recently posted a current project in process where I intend to turn a few paper doilies into doily coasters. Now, thanks to that lovely project, I just can’t stop myself! Here are some more designs I’ve come up with. Keep coming back to see the end product cause their making their way towards being really fun coasters.

New Patterns

Added Detail





All Coaster Patterns


Doily Runner

We’re thinking of creating a table runner out of these cute doilies we found at Michael’s.

Doily Coasters

We’re toying with this fun idea that we came across on the internet. doily mobile

We started off with these 4″ white paper doilies.

We then painted them using Glimmer Glaze (Sea Kelp) and Glimmer Mist (Icicle Blue). Afterwards, we cut some circles out of paper and decided to glue them in the center of the painted doilies.

As you can see, we added our own touch to some of the doilies. The one with the solid paper actually has a mini stamp detail in the center.

Anyway, once we completed this process, we became stumped. They just look so pretty as is, so it’s hard to turn them into those mobiles. We’re thinking of making them into coasters instead. What do you think?

Craft Box

Made a box out of a sheet of chipboard and kraft wrapping paper. Working on the next step for this project. Will update later.

Teacup Doilies

If you’ve been following our Pinterest lately, you’ve probably noticed our mini new obsession with doilies. There’s such a vintage feel to them that we just adore. Of course the most recent obsession is mostly for an upcoming tea party that we are currently planning.

So, when planning a tea party and becoming inspired by doilies, one can’t help but develop the desire to create some fun craft projects using some amazing bargain finds.

In our travels to become inspired, we came across a ton of plain white teacups at Bed, Bath, and Beyond in their As Is Clearance section. The reason for their extreme mark down was due to missing pieces. Well, that works for our purposes. These cups were about $2 each and let’s not forget about those 20% coupons they offer. What a bargain!

So, of course we mentioned doing a craft project using doilies and how much we can’t get enough of them, but for the purpose of this project, we decided to use lace trim instead. This is mostly because this is our first attempt and the lace works well with the doily theme as well.

This lovely project took a few minutes each to complete and was very simple and relaxing.

Not sure if you’re familiar with Mod Podge, but it’s a fun little find and a new product for us. It’s basically a decoupage glue/sealant. This is the only “tool” needed for this project. Well, you’ll also need a paint brush to paint it on and a nice sharp, clean scissors.

How to Steps:

Step One: Make sure the surface of the item is clean and lint free.


Step Two: Figure out the position of your lace and cut to size.


Step Three: Apply Mod Podge to surface using paint brush.

Apply a thin even coat.


Step Four:  Apply lace to coated surface.



Step Five: Apply Mod Podge over lace.

Step Six: Trim excess lace on top and bottom.


Step Seven: Apply a coat of Mod Podge over entire surface to create a uniform finish. Let dry as directed. It’s best to let it set overnight.

*Now, we plan on applying a top coat as instructed in their directions just to see if it offers a different effect. This project also includes one more step for us that we will post once completed.

It was fun using different widths and colors of lace.




*The wider the trim, the more positioning you need to do. Several small slits were made to prevent buckling.