Nursery Color Palette

I’m working on a nursery and I thought I should share the color palette with you.




Of course I’m still a bit torn on which one I like the best. I’m thinking of going with the middle one. Because this is an apartment and painting is not allowed, I’m thinking of using the bottom right fabric (Dear Stella, stripe in green gray or brown) as a dramatic wall treatment. A lot of these fabrics will be crib sheets (the 3 center ones). The gray bottom left fabric is called “rendezvous” and is going to be the crib skirt. I’m making the sheets and skirt myself so I will be posting those projects at some point. I already made a cute pillow out of the smaller diamond like pattern fabric (Ty Pennington Lace in Gray). I’m absolutely thrilled to be putting my sewing skills to good use. Hopefully I will get better as the time goes on.


One response to “Nursery Color Palette

  1. Absolutely adore these colours and patterns for a nursery 😀 They’d make great baby invitations too!

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