Doily Madness

Now in case you don’t know, Design Inspirations is run by myself, Takisha Miller. Although, you may see the word “we” used often, I am usually behind each post and inspiration you see in this blog. It’s important to know that the use of “we” refers to the business and that anything you see on this blog can be duplicated or altered to fit your event or project. We work very closely with each of our client’s to produce a customized design to fit their needs and their budget. We work directly with you to bring your ideas to life.

Recently I’ve posted a few mini projects that we’re working on for an upcoming tea party, and I just can’t stop myself from finding fun and new ideas that include doilies. I recently posted a current project in process where I intend to turn a few paper doilies into doily coasters. Now, thanks to that lovely project, I just can’t stop myself! Here are some more designs I’ve come up with. Keep coming back to see the end product cause their making their way towards being really fun coasters.

New Patterns

Added Detail





All Coaster Patterns



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