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Lemonade Twist

It goes without saying that most of us have grown up on Kool-Aid, how many of us actually admit that we still enjoy this powdered drink mix as adults? Not to mention who would actually serve Kool-Aid at an event? I would, but not in its original form. As much as I enjoyed Kool-Aid as a child, it’s not a first choice unless I’m really strapped for cash. So, check out this delicious recipe and try it out at your next event!

This punch is a great combination between fresh squeezed lemonade and ice blue raspberry lemonade Kool-Aid.


9 Lemons, freshly squeezed

1 c Sugar

12 c Cold Water

Mix freshly squeezed lemon juice, sugar, and water. Stir and add more sugar or water to reach desired taste

Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade (follow instructions on packet)

1 envelope Kool-Aid mix (keep about 4 packs on hand for this whole process)

1 c Sugar

4 c Cold Water

Mix Kool-Aid mix, sugar, and water until blended well.

You may need to double your Kool-Aid mix and water to match the amount of lemonade made.

Do not add more sugar at this time.

Lemonade Twist

Okay so now you have your Lemonade and your Kool-Aid.

In a large mixing bowl or punch bowl, combine each together slowly.

Add additional sugar and water to taste. For optimal color, add an additional envelope of Kool-Aid mix.

Add a few lemon wedges for a decorative cocktail flair!

Tip: For an added treat, pour mixture into ice cube trays to prevent it from being watered down during your event instead of using regular ice.

Try one of Kool-Aid’s other flavors to match your event’s special colors!



UPDATE: Made with Watermelon Cherry


Selecting Paint from Scratch

We all know selecting paint can be a tricky task when working from scratch. Not everyone knows exactly how they want each room to look or what furniture goes where. So, it’s understandable that one can experience some anxiety when selecting paint colors for their new home.

Here’s a simple tip that can prove to be quite useful:

Cruise around for some inspiration! It’s not easy to just select a paint color off the top of your head. It’s even harder to match said color to future items that you intend to put in that space. So, make it easy by picking up an accent piece and pulling colors and ideas from that. Some great inspiration items can be:

  • An accent pillow for your family room
  • A comforter for your master suite
  • An accent chair for a formal living room
  • A towel or rag for the guest bathroom
  • A pretty dress/outfit that you adore for a spare bedroom
  • Blooming flowers outside a sun room
  • Napkin rings for the dining room
  • An antique bowl for the kitchen

Some of these items can be interchanged within other rooms and offer up some great inspiration. They also help you pull in other colors that coordinate and it’s obvious that those are colors you like and will be easy to match when you continue on your search to complete your space.

Get Inspired!